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About Trespassers William

After many incarnations of the band, the duo of Matt Brown and Anna-Lynne Williams, who founded the project over 10 years ago in Southern California, continue to craft the sound of Trespassers William in Seattle, WA. Their experimental shoegaze music has been featured in numerous films and television programs, and they have toured Europe and the United States extensively. A new EP, The Natural Order of Things, was released on Gizeh Records in spring 2009, and the band will be touring Europe for several months in the fall. In the meantime, Matt has been releasing solo albums under the name Disinterested, and Anna-Lynne has released a debut solo album with the pseudonym Lotte Kestner, as well as working on several other projects in Seattle.

Trespassers William's debut album, Anchor, is available for download on itunes, as is a live itunes session. Different Stars and Having are available on Nettwerk Records. The most recent (2007) Noble House EP is available on iTunes and CD Baby.

Trespassers William