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Makeout Videotape

is a two-piece hailing from Vancouver, Canada.  The music is catchy-lo-fi-garage-pop to the core.  The tunes are like tasty bite and under 3 minutes! 

Recently signed by the Canadian boutique label Unfamiliar Records, they recently toured with label mates Japandroids.  Makeout Videotape is comprised of singer and guitarist Mac DeMarco and drummer Alex Calder.  DeMarco had already recorded an EP called ‘Heat Wave!’ by himself in his garage and added Alex when performing live.  The limited edition 500 copy release of ‘Heat Wave!’ sold out.

The band has a seven-inch record in the works which is due in February 2010 and a full-length in the early summer, both to be released on Unfamiliar Records.

Makeout Videotape is a band to watch!

Check ‘em out!


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