ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK (a.k.a. EES) are a Japanese power trio (Aki Morimoto - Guitar & Vocals; Kazuto Maekawa - Bass; Tomoharu ‘Gian’ Ito - Drums) combining the best elements of classic fuzz rock, edgy punk and garage metal.  EES formed in Tokyo in the late 1990’s and have been faves to may big name bands from around the world.  They first toured the US in 1999 and Europe in 2003 - they’ve been touring the world ever since.

Aki Morimoto (vocals/guitar) and Kazuto Maekawa (bass) were first brought together over a mutual obsession with Black Sabbath while in school in Osaka.  EES started making an impact on the Japanese independent rock scene, starting Micro Music with friends to release their first full-length, Maybe I Think, We Can Beat Nirvana, following it up with Live Punctured. In 1999, EES recorded Slayer Bay Blues and pressed enough for their first U.S. tour.  Recently, EEES raised $50,000 through from their global fanbase to record another full length album. The album has been licensed to Universal Records in Japan and various independent labels around the world.  Electric Eel Shock manager Bob Slayer has become an advisor on Fan Funding working with SellaBand and artists to assist them with this growing area of the music industry. Long Live EES!


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