AFCGT is art noize trash can cacophony - a sweet and sour tonic tone spill of sorts.  There’s not much information available on AFCGT. The oft discordant crew gave birth to the deliberate oddities from this their self-titled new album on Sub Pop Records. Conjoined a little over two years ago, the group has already dished out a few vinyl offerings. With 3 electric guitars, a bass guitar, and a drum kit they manage to emulate the decaying soundtrack of an international airport with all the trimmings; accidental runway collisions, air traffic control extremism, unauthorized handling of cargo, and bitching passengers at checkpoint screenings. AFCGT will be available as both a vinyl LP (with bonus 7-inch single!) and as a digital album (without bonus 7-inch single!), though not as a compact disc.


            OPEN YOUR MIND!


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Not more unutterable could have been the chaos of hellish sound if the pit itself had opened to release the agony of the damned, for in one inconceivable cacophony was centered all the supernal terror and unnatural despair of animate nature.

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